What to expect from a class

A mat class will develop the key principles over 3 phases of a lesson:

Opening phase to include posture, breathing and core engagement techniques, whilst promoting mobility and balance (10 mins approx.)

Main phase – all body workout based to encourage stability, muscular endurance and co-ordination (30 minutes approx.)

Closing phase – stretching and relaxation phase (10 mins approx.)

I aim to start my class at 5 past the hour and finish at 5 to the hour, to allow for welcome and 'settling in' etc.

My teaching will focus on technique and progression in a supportive environment. Pilates instruction can be quite ‘hands on’, but if you prefer a ‘hands off’ approach, just let me know.

With regards to equipment, a mat class uses essentially just that – a mat! However, I will sometimes incorporate other small equipment such as resistance bands and balls. You can be assured that no two classes will be the same and that I have taken time to consider and plan each class - you will not always get this with other providers.

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